Security in Practice

With the constant evolution of online and cloud technology, the needs and best practices of online security are changing.
Join Xero experts, as they discuss some of the latest thinking on what it means to safeguard your business online, and offer some practical tips to strengthen your online security practices.


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8 Productivity Hacks For Xero Users

Whether you’re an advisor or a small business, there are ways you can use Xero to get more done. These are the best productivity hacks that my team use daily in my accounting firm.  James Solomons writing for Digital First. Find & Recode Find and Recode has transformed how accountants and bookkeepers use Xero. This…

6 Accounting Trends to Watch in 2016

Check out the article Director James Solomons has written for Digital First. Many business owners are still getting used to operating in the cloud but we’ve reached a critical mass in Australia and are deep in the adoption curve. Accountants who have led the transition to cloud are already realising the number of opportunities which…

Xero Certification

James Solomons discusses the Xero Certification course and why it’s important to get certified. Xero Certification Training for approved Xero Partners, working with multiple clients. This comprehensive course will help you understand the core functionality and features of Xero, enabling you to better advise and assist your clients You will pick up handy tips and…