Why the cloud holds the future of your money

‘Innovation’ and ‘finance technology’ do not often appear in the same sentence. Notoriously unfriendly on the eyes, traditional accounting software is the digital equivalent of a horse and cart. Then along came the cloud. Article by Rebecca Mihalic First published on dropeverything.com.au Cloud-based tools can help your team and clients save time, collaborate more efficiently,…

Mile Sterjovski Shield

          Congratulations Winston Heights Public School Aptus had the pleasure of sponsoring the Mile Sterjovski Shield, which was held at Ted Horwood Reserve, 18th August. The day couldn’t have been more spectacular, and for what was suppose to be a winters day, felt very much like spring.   It was a…

Our Head of Accounting reflects on what International Accounting Day means

Our Director and Head of Account at Xero, James Solomons, reflects on what International Accounting Day means. International Accounting Day dates back to 10 November 1494 when a book describing the Venetian system of double-entry bookkeeping, written by Italian mathematician and Franciscan friar Luca Pacioli, was published.  Pacioli described the use of journals and ledgers, and…

Security in Practice

With the constant evolution of online and cloud technology, the needs and best practices of online security are changing.
Join Xero experts, as they discuss some of the latest thinking on what it means to safeguard your business online, and offer some practical tips to strengthen your online security practices.


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