Traditionally accountants help with your figures in a historical and reactive way.  They would review what happened last month, quarter or year.  At Aptus Accounting & Advisory we’re not in business to be a traditional accountant.  Our number one priority is you, your business and helping you to make the most of figures.  We want you to achieve greater financial success personally and professionally.

FUTRLI allows us to work with you to leverage your accounting data and together to find patterns in the numbers to answer these questions:

  • What’s your net income?
  • What is your gross profit?
  • How are you doing in comparison to last month? Or your budget?
  • How much are you spending on wages versus income?
  • How’s your cashflow looking?

We will get FUTRLI set up for you and your team so you have the answer to all this and more, in seconds. It’s your business and we will make sure the information you need is personal to you.

How can we help you? 
  • 3-way cashflow forecasting: we can set budgets, compare what-if scenarios, visualise your performance against targets and more!

  • Flexible reporting: we will design your own view of the past, present or future. It works for any industry/KPI. We can create Boards (Reports) for you, your shareholder, your team etc
  • Understanding the business, inside out, effortlessly so you can turn insight in action.


Who is it for? 


Your team

Bank Managers


Everyone.. this was designed to bring the numbers to life, better results and less effort.


How does it work? 
  • FUTRLI works with all accounting software but it auto-syncs daily with Xero and QuickBooks Online.

  • It’s big data for small business
  • FUTRLI analyses every transaction from cloud accounting software (it’s not just historical information)
  • It’s updated automatically, daily, so reports and performance against budget is always up-to-date and effortless
  • You can slice and dice your business data anyway you like with flexible design options and daily, weekly, monthly, annual reporting and custom periods for example
  • Works where you are – an app on your phone or online


How do I get started?

There is no time like the present! Right now, there might be an opportunity we can leverage for better financial efficiency in your business. Get in touch and we’ll design a Board to get us started.